Top 5 home appliances that create the perfect ecosystem to achieve your daily goals

There’s a whole market of electronics waiting for us the moment we open Amazon or walk into any market, but there are very few devices that break the norm and help us rethink the way we see technology. That’s exactly what we’re bringing you here – devices that break free from traditional designs to give you the best functionality you need. Whether it’s a good old Bluetooth speaker or a vacuum cleaner, each of these devices is designed to deliver the best performance you need to achieve your daily goals – whether it’s keeping your space clean of dust or receiving notifications with innovative way. Start your day clean, stay informed and end your day with ease with these devices in your hands!

1. Briiv

Is clean air on your agenda, but using artificial HEPA (non-biodegradable) filters and UV lamps seems like something you don’t want to deal with? Well, Briiv is the energy-packed air purification solution that’s the equivalent of 3043 houseplants! Briiv is a home terrarium, proving that plants and the plant filtration system can be as effective as artificial HEPA filters. In addition, Briiv needs absolutely no maintenance or watering, produces no man-made waste, and comes with special, sustainably grown dried moss, coconut, carbon and wool in its modern form to clean your air.

Although it looks like a mini-terrarium, the Briiv has smart features like voice activation, allowing you to use it as a smart speaker, and it can also be controlled from the Briiv app on your phone. With NASA technology, the replaceable filters in the Briiv are as easy to dispose of as throwing them in the trash. Creating the perfect blend of nature and technology, Briiv is everything you want in a neat little package without harming the environment.

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2. Yeedi Mop Station Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop

Keep your floors clean without risking your health with the smart and hands-free Yeedi Mop Station Pro. With two mop pads rotating at 180 times per minute, dirt, grime and spills will no longer be a problem. Its self-cleaning feature automatically washes the mop after every 10 minutes of mopping, meaning you won’t have to get your hands dirty even when the mops are on. It also automatically dries the mop pads when it’s done, helping to preserve the life of the mops as well as your floor.

The Yeedi Mop Station Pro doesn’t suck either, with a powerful 3000Pa suction power that makes short work of dust and dirt. It’s smart enough to know its way around your floor and pull up carpets if mopping mode is on. With two 3.5 liter water tanks for clean and dirty water, as well as a spacious 750ml waste bin, you reduce the number of times you get your hands dirty and exposed to harmful substances when you have to take out the rubbish. With the powerful yet quiet Yeedi Mop Station Pro, keeping your floor clean has never been easier or safer.

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3. Tero Food Recycler

What do you do on average in 3 hours – watch a movie, go out to dinner or go to meetings? Well, Tero takes those 3 hours to turn your food into compost reducing the volume of waste by almost 90% while removing any odors to create a dry, natural, homemade compost that feeds your plants! Tero recycles almost all food scraps, including animal feed waste such as eggshells, small chicken and fish bones, dairy products and even coffee grounds.

The device uses controlled grinding, drying and heat input to eliminate pathogens from waste. Once the container is full, the user simply presses start and in 3 hours, your food is turned into nutrient-rich compost. The inner container can also be easily removed and washed in the dishwasher when you want!

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4. Retro Display Tidbit

Enjoy a blast from the past with this retro-inspired display that conveys all the information you need using this pixelated display. Tidbyt can be used to check the weather, when your train is arriving, to track your favorite stocks or even your Dogecoin holdings – the combinations are endless as long as it fits its 64 by 32 dimensions.

Tidbyt comes with a phone app where you can choose and add what you’d like to see and schedule the information you’ll enjoy seeing, when you need it. Night mode on Tidbyt lets you control the brightness and comes with a night mode that lets you display your Tidbyt without disturbing your sleep. If you enjoy tinkering, you can even create your script and push it to your device instantly!

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5. Teno Speaker and Light

Japanese culture talks about Kintsugi – the art of repairing broken ceramics with gold to beautify the cracks. The sculptural beauty of this detail has been celebrated until now, until Teno took it to the next level. Teno takes the concept of Kintsugi and reveals the cracked surface as a new object altogether. The Teno combines a lamp and a speaker – the outside of the Teno separates to reveal the light underneath… and keep pulling the halves apart to activate the Bluetooth speaker – bringing both light and sound to life!

From a technical point of view, the Teno has a bluetooth speaker 5.0 chip and a 20W class D amplifier to deliver the most impressive sound, while offering deep bass and clear treble. To enhance the wonder of using this device, the Teno can be controlled with gestures – pull it to turn it on and plug it back to turn it off. Teno recreates an old technology in a package that brings joy and wonder back into your life while keeping it useful in everyday life.

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