This advanced measuring scale can convert units for you, scale dimensions and even store them in the cloud

A NeoRuler to rule them all!

Designed by the same people who created MEAZOR, the NeoRuler hopes to reinvent the ruler/measuring scale in a way that has never been done before. With an LED strip instead of conventional markings, a control panel and a display, the NeoRuler lets you do things your old ruler can’t. You can measure in the unit of your choice, find exact dimensions, convert between units, change the scale of your measurements, get accurate vernier data, and even do things like split your measurements into segments of your choice your. All the data you record is stored in NeoRuler’s free app, giving you access to a feature set your wooden ruler can’t even dream of. The best part; It is the same shape and size as a regular ruler, allowing you to easily carry it in your backpack or stationery toolbox.

Designer: Tiancheng Liang

Click here to buy now: $89 $129 ($40 discount). Hurry, only 214/600 left!

If there’s one thing I loathe, it’s adding the word smart before random things. Smart fridge? Unnecessary. Smart coffee maker? Thanks, next time. I’ll be honest, if you said the words Smart Ruler to me, you’d get a huge eye roll… but that’s the most important thing. The term Smart Ruler doesn’t really do a good job of describing what the NeoRuler is capable of. Designed to modernize measurement the way a smartphone modernizes photography, NeoRuler has features that make recording measurements easy, intuitive and universal.

Switch between Metric and Imperial with one swipe without a lot of calculations.

Get 90 built-in scales for maximum flexibility.

Divide space quickly to any length without any calculations.

The NeoRuler looks like your average measuring scale, but with a few notable upgrades. Unlike plastic, wooden or metal scales, this instrument has no markings on it. Instead, it comes with an LED strip at the top, a slider, a 1.14-inch backlit LCD screen, and three buttons. Once activated, the LED strip comes to life and the slider lets you intuitively drag to record readings. The display shows the exact measurement notation, and the controls on the left let you switch between metric and imperial units. You can actively convert measurements on the fly, scaling from mm to cm and inches to feet, or even going into a dark area of ​​yards. A simple push of a button allows you to switch between decimal and fractional measurements, giving you absolute precise control over the output you want, so you’re not sitting with a calculator trying to calculate fractional and decimal values.

Neo Pointer – Excel measurement detail.

Neo PenHolder – Enhance drawing precision.

Neo Magnifier – Magnify reading accuracy.

Neo Caliper – Improve item measurement.

Things get interesting when you realize that the NeoRuler is capable of more than conventional measurements. It can scale your measurements, giving you numbers in feet while you measure in inches (ideal for architecture, engineering and design) with up to 90 preset scale settings to choose from. You can also enter your own custom scales and use the NeoRuler to divide line segments into equal parts – perfect for design, geometry, origami, drawing, etc. Measuring using the NeoRuler is as simple as placing the ruler in place and moving the slider to the desired point. The price is instantly displayed on the screen, updated in real time, and you can change units on the fly with just the push of a button. The state-of-the-art ruler also comes with its own set of Neo adapter units, allowing you to swap out that slider for a precision pointer, magnifying glass, pen holder or even vernier calipers that let you measure to 0.1 millimeters… or 0.004th of an inch (you’d know this if you changed units!)

NeoRuler builds on the data processing of its older sibling, MEAZOR. The ruler is 30 cm (12 inches) long and weighs 120 g. It comes with aluminum chassis and stainless steel tip which is also durable enough to cut. An ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller holds data behind the scenes, while a 900mAh battery powers the NeoRuler’s SoC, 1.14-inch backlit LCD screen, and up to 300 LED lights built into the edge of the ruler. The NeoRuler also has a built-in Bluetooth module, allowing it to share all your measurements directly to the MEAZOR app. The data in the application is stored historically and can be edited or even converted into real drawings (a feature introduced with the MEAZOR 3D device). You even have the option to export your measurements to JPG, PDF, XLS and DXF, sharing them with colleagues or clients.

As advanced as it is, NeoRuler is designed for people and jobs where basic stationery just won’t cut it. It is more suitable for technical roles such as architecture, engineering, design, but can also be used in creative applications such as fashion, design, crafts, etc. a manual and this backlit LCD screen even lets you measure in low light settings without straining your eyes to see what the actual reading is. Each NeoRuler comes with an interchangeable ruler, a USB-C cable and the free MEAZOR 2.0 app available on Android and iOS devices. The other adaptive Neo units are available as add-on kits, along with an optional protective case to carry your futuristic cutting edge NeoRuler.

Click here to buy now: $89 $129 ($40 discount). Hurry, only 214/600 left!

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