The ZEN50 solar-powered catamaran incorporates automated wingsails for zero-emission travel

solar-electric yacht ZEN50

The ZEN50 is a zero-emission sailboat yacht which combines a huge fully automated wingsail and a solar roof, making it completely energy independent. Designed from scratch by acclaimed shipbuilder Julien Mélot, this full carbon catamaran it is equipped with luxury features such as an electric tender, diving compressor, satellite internet and a sunroof that doubles as a spacious upper deck to enjoy stunning sunrises and sunsets. ZEN Yacht claims it is the world’s first series production catamaran with an electric wingsail. The yacht’s high-capacity battery powers a silent electric motor, allowing it to reach 14 knots and maintain high speeds without compromising safety and comfort.

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Zero emissions meet high comfort and performance

ZEN YachtsThe electric catamaran is a technological breakthrough that takes the yachting industry one step further, showing the possibilities of sustainability in this sector. The ZEN50 is offered with or without wingsail and is available in three different versions: Racer, Cruiser and Explorer, each suited to the owner’s use and profile. Developed by Ayro, the revolutionary, fully automated wingsail can be added as a range and speed extension. The two parts of the wingsail can be raised and lowered independently with just the push of a button.

With a weight of 16 tons and a maximum solar output of 17,000 W, the ZEN50’s ratio is over 1 kW per ton of water displaced, or greater than 1:1, which beats any other CE Cat A blue water yacht in this size range. The ZEN50’s sharp and slender hulls are designed for maximum performance, with minimum energy consumption in a speed range of 6 to 10 knots. Their back arches cut through the water and their curvature is reminiscent of graceful dolphin bodies. These hulls are built with the best composites available: carbon fiber and Corecell™, for ultimate performance.

The ZEN50 solar-powered catamaran incorporates automated wingsails for zero-emission travel

The ZEN50 can sail at 4 knots, running solely on solar power

no emissions, low cost

The Zen50 provides a number of luxurious amenities. The scheme accommodates three dining areas for more than ten people, a professional kitchen, a saloon and two wet kitchens, and can accommodate up to 12 guests in en-suite cabins.

The first ZEN50 model, whose production began in March 2022, will not consist of an engine system and will not run on fossil fuels. With a 160 kWh battery pack, the ZEN50 energy system is designed to run for days in absolute safety, with minimal solar power consumption and no wind, operating without polluting emissions. This means users can cruise to remote areas without refueling concerns in mind. Of course, zero emissions mean low operating costs. ZEN Yachts aims to achieve a zero carbon footprint by 2030.

The ZEN50 solar-powered catamaran incorporates automated wingsails for zero-emission travel
The ZEN50 has a top speed of 14 knots

“Our basic voltage system is either 48 or 88V depending on propulsion, making it completely safe to work on. The redundancy level of batteries and solar panels is 10!, the main electrical architecture is split into 2, so that if anything happens to 1 hull, the whole boat can function normally. There are 2 independent helm stations and the ZEN50 is packed with special safety features, unsinkable compartments and we can even offer an in-depth hands-on course on the use and management of safety equipment. shares of the company.

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