The Top 5 Home Appliances You Need to Lose Every Lifestyle Goal in 2023

Imagine your day starting with an alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen, devices rule our lives. In fact, imagining our lives without these everyday devices is like imagining Batman without Alfred! As we enter an advanced IOT-based society with smart assistants (be it Alexa or Siri) and AI, the devices we use are moving away from the traditional blocky devices we’re used to seeing to smarter designs that not only solve our problems, but they also look good while doing it!

Our list today brings together the best home appliances that help you check everyday tasks off your list like cleaning and ensure basic health concerns like getting clean air and fresh produce. With 2023 already 2 months away, it’s time to get serious about our resolutions and these devices are here to help you achieve those goals!

1. PICO planter

If you’re struggling to get your green thumb going, we have a product to help you start small but get big results! That’s Pico – a tiny, self-contained, self-contained planter that’s equipped with its own light, giving you a complete solution that you can fit on the side of your fridge, too!

A kitchen garden, given its size and the delicate nature of plants and herbs is difficult to maintain and even more damaging when we lose these plants. Pico, with its self-sustaining nature, allows you to grow a limited amount and with minimal user effort. Each planter is powered by high-performance, energy-efficient OSRAM LEDs, ensuring that the unit is supplied with all the necessary wavelengths to keep your plant healthy – whether it’s day or fall, summer or winter. It’s also portable, allowing you to organize your mini-garden however you like, while you can show off your chef skills by topping your dishes with fresh microgreens and garnishes!

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2. Dreametech H12 PRO Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Fight dust, dirt and spilled milk without breaking a sweat with the smart vacuum cleaner of your dreams. With the cordless Dreametech H12 Pro, vacuuming and washing hard floors is no longer just a fantasy, but a pleasant reality that makes cleaning at home less stressful. The edge-to-edge cleaning head design ensures you can reach all those hard-to-reach areas, while a serrated brush scraper not only removes debris in the waste water tank, but also prevents bristles from wrapping around the brush.

The vacuum cleaner is smart enough to detect how dirty the room is and automatically adjust its suction power based on that. It can also clean itself at the touch of a button and uses hot air to dry the brush roll afterwards to make sure it stays fluffy and avoids damaging hardwood floors. The Dreametech H12 Pro smart vacuum cleaner cleans floors and itself quickly and efficiently, leaving you more time to enjoy the most important things in life. Staying clean is the first step to an organized space and an organized mind, and achieve both with the Dreametech H12 Pro!

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3. Löv – Air Purifier

Taking a step forward in home appliances, Löv is a product designed to be aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient. Löv manages the expectations not only of the user, but also of the user’s home and environment. The design features a slim profile at just 3.1 inches thick and a 4-foot base to support it, almost like a work of art.

Available in beige and white, the minimal color options give the Löv an almost Scandinavian look, and its patented airflow system draws in air from the sides and pushes filtered air out the front. The result? Fresh air delivery rate of 150 cubic meters per hour and a triple filter system that traps particles such as dust, pollen, fur while neutralizing microorganisms, odors as well as harmful gases! Live healthy without compromising your style with Löv.

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4. Philips Screeneo U4 Short-throw projector

TVs are old-fashioned – your modern home needs a 120-inch cinema screen to boast, and you can achieve just that with Philip’s Screeneo U4 projector. The device is pretty tiny (about the size of a shoebox) and offers Full HD 1080p output, HDR10, 2.1 stereo speakers and has a remote control to navigate your content while sitting with a tub of popcorn.

Designed to be an Ultra Short Throw projector, it means the gadget is designed to be held close to your wall, not far from it – providing an 80-inch screen when it’s just 12 inches away from the wall. The Screeneo U4 also has its own 15W stereo speakers with sound coming from the video source (the gadget that’s usually in the center) instead of having to be connected to speakers independently. All in all, this provides a complete and high-resolution cinema experience while saving space, all from the comfort of your couch!

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5. Slow Dance Frame

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past few years it’s the importance of slowing down and enjoying the moment. Jeff Lieberman’s Slow Dance Frame helps you create this exact moment at home by swaying the object you attach to it in a hypnotic, floating motion that instantly calms you down.

The design is a precisely crafted optical illusion by Jeff, who is an expert in creating such amazing gadgets. The frame contains two components – an electromagnet that vibrates the object and edge lighting around the frame that draws your attention to it. The frame is designed to hold all types of tiny objects, be it flowers, stems, leaves or even feathers. The finished object you have placed in the frame continues to gently sway in place, adding a zen oasis to your living space.

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