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We have a new feature for Scream VI to watch today, and it focuses on the new killer Ghostface and how he is the most ruthless and ruthless version of the killer to date. The video features interviews with the cast as they talk about Ghostface and also offers some brutal new footage.

It’s been said in the past that this will be “a bolder, more brazen Ghostface” that will stalk and terrorize his prey. It is explained in the featurette that Ghostface only kills for the sake of killing.

The next chapter in the horror saga “continues with the four survivors of Ghostface’s murders as they leave Woodsboro behind and begin a new chapter.” They try to start this new chapter of their lives in New York, and well… things don’t go too well for them as Ghostface is back in action and on a murderous rampage in the city.

Courtney Cox, who returns as Gale Weathers, previously spoke about the franchise’s new setting saying, “Bringing Ghostface to New York adds a whole new element to the story. Taking the character out of a small town and putting them in the heart of the city that never sleeps is scarier than ever.”

Co-author Tyler Gillette previously talked about the film’s pacing and how it’s also taken it to the next level, saying: “It really moves like it’s on rocket fuel. You sit down, it starts and the movie is just a ride. You come off two hours later, and you feel like you haven’t take a breath. This one starts, and it just ends. So there aren’t really these big pockets to talk about other movies. Of course it has all the fun nods and meta-commentary. But we loved how fast-paced this story is. It felt like a reflection of how accelerated the process of creating it was.”

Radio Silence’s Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillette (He screamed, ready or not), are both back behind the camera for the upcoming Scream VI.

The cast also includes Melissa Barrera as Sam Jenna Ortega as Tara Carpenter, Jasmin Savoy Brown as Mindy, Mason Gooding as chad, Samara Weaving, Liana Liberato, Hayden Panettiere as Kirby, and Dermot Mulroney. Courtney Cox previously confirmed her participation. Some newcomers include actor Dermot Mulroney and Mission impossible star Henry Czernyplus Jack Champion (Avengers: Endgame, Avatar: The Way of Water), Liana Liberato (Light as a feather), Devyn Nekoda (Sneakerella), and Josh Segara (Arrow’s Adrian Chase).

Scream VI will bring Ghostface back to theaters on March 10, 2023.

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