The Mandalorian Season 3: Star Wars fans warn ‘confused’ viewers who haven’t seen Book of Boba Fett

Star Wars fans are warning more casual viewers who plan to watch it The Mandalorian season three.

The spin-off returns on Wednesday (March 1) after last airing on Disney Plus in December 2020.

In the famous season finale, Mando (Pedro Pascal) said goodbye to Grog – also known informally as Baby Yoda – after handing him over to none other than Luke Skywalker, who, in a surprise, was played by a digitally demented person. Mark Hamill.

It was a touching scene, and one that ended a two-season arc that depicted an unlikely friendship between the pair.

However, these Mandalorian Fans who haven’t seen another Star Wars spin-off may be quite confused when they sit down to watch the premiere episode.

It will go up after its eventsThe Boba Fett Bookwho reunited Mando and Grogu, meaning his events The MandalorianThe season two finale will have no payoff for those who haven’t watched this show.

The final Boba Fett The episodes with Mando and Grogu were integral to their characters’ stories and The Mandalorian it starts with the assumption that viewers watched them when they were released in January 2022.

Many Star Wars fans are well aware of this and are now warning Mandalorian Viewers that episode one might be quite confused if they had skipped the series entirely.

For example, it featured several key plot points, including Mando finding out he has to return to Mandalore and getting a new ship. Meanwhile, Grogu decides to return to Mando’s side after finally rejecting the Jedi ways.

‘The Mandalorian’ has returned for season three

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“The Mandalorian” is back for a third season

(Disney Plus)

“Reminder that if you didn’t watch Boba Fett bookit will probably confuse you tomorrow Mandalorian premiere,” one fan wrote.

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Another added: “Just remembered Boba Fett book it was basic The Mandalorian Season 3. The one that comes out tomorrow should be called Season 4.”

One person offered “a friendly reminder that to watch Mandalorian s3 tomorrow and not be like “wait what??” you will need to watch The Boba Fett Book episodes 5 through 7,” adding, “I don’t make the rules, but in my opinion major plot points SHOULD happen in their own shows.”

The Mandalorian is available to stream on Disney Plus.

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