The 7 most shocking moments from HBO’s The Last of Us

HBO’s The last of us has finished its first season and the audience is reeling after everything they experienced in the first nine episodes. Joel and Ellie’s journey across post-apocalyptic America was long and arduous, and the suffering they endured at the hands of humans and the infected was far from forgiving.

Now that the first part of their adventure is finally over, check out some of the most shocking moments from the series.

7. Excitement day

In a scene straight out of the game, Joel tries to escape Austin with Sarah and Tommy as the mutant Cordyceps fungus breaks out across the country, turning people into infected monsters. Sarah first meets one in the form of her once kind elderly neighbor, Mrs. Adler, as she feasts on another person’s body.

In the ensuing chaos, entire houses are set on fire, riots flood the streets, and bombs are dropped on the city. But in a terrifying twist, a plane literally falls out of the sky, causing Joel’s truck to crash.

6. The day Elli is born

Ashley Johnson stands in the woods in The Last of Us Episode 9.
Liane Hentscher/HBO

In a scene made especially for the show, Elli’s mother, Anna, gives birth to her in an abandoned house as she fends off an attack by an infected. Unfortunately, Anna is left infected, but because it happened before she cut Ellie’s umbilical cord, her daughter became immune to Cordyceps.

Even so, Anna is forced to give Eli to Marlene, but asks her friend to kill her to prevent her from becoming another flesh-eating monster. At first, it seems like Marlene can’t bear to grant her friend’s dying wish, but after putting Ellie in the other room, Marlene turns around and quickly shoots Anna dead, starting the Season 1 finale with a literal bang.

5. Sam and Henry die

Henry in The Last of Us.

Although Joel and Ellie escape Kansas City with Henry and Sam alive, eight-year-old Sam is still infected with Cordyceps. Although Ellie tries to heal him with her blood, she wakes up the next morning to find the infected Sam attacking her. Henry is then forced to shoot his little brother, but is so shocked by what he has done that he shoots himself right in front of Joel and Ellie.

While it was pretty clear that it was too late for Sam, it doesn’t take away from how terrifying it is to see him and Henry die the way they did.

4. Ellie confronts David

David wears a winter jacket in The Last of Us Episode 8.
Liane Hentscher/HBO

In episode 8, Ellie meets David, a seemingly well-intentioned preacher who leads a small community of survivors in Colorado, but soon learns that he is a violent and manipulative cult leader who secretly feeds his people… People. So it is implied that David secretly had one of the grieving girls in his community eat her recently dead father.

David becomes more despicable when he tries to sexually assault Ellie as she tries to escape his wrath. At this point, there’s absolutely nothing likable about him, so it’s both a shock and a relief when Ellie takes a knife and hacks him to death. Although Ellie makes it out alive, her screams of terror show that this experience will stay with her, as well as the audience, for a long time.

3. Bill and Frank’s pact

A photo of Bill and Fred getting married in the HBO TV show The Last of Us.

In a major departure from the source material, episode 3 reveals that Bill’s longtime partner Frank has asked him to help end his own life to spare them both the burden of his degenerative disease. The two make the most of their last day together by getting married, but it’s still heartbreaking to see Bill keep his promise by giving him wine laced with pills.

But Bill surprises Frank and the audience when he reveals that he also put pills in his drink, choosing to die by Frank’s side. Since Bill was alive in the game when Joel and Ellie arrived at his house, fans would expect only Frank to have died on the show. So the suicides of Bill and Frank bring a shocking end to such a couple in love.

2. Sarah’s death

Joel holds Sarah's body in The Last of Us.

Even a decade after the game’s release, audiences still weren’t prepared for this moment. After crashing through the streets of Austin, Texas, Joel and Sarah are on the run from an infected racer chasing them at blinding speed. An American soldier saves their lives, but their relief is short-lived as the gunman is ordered to shoot them both afterwards.

Tommy arrives just in time to kill the soldier to save Joel, but Sarah is still shot and dies in her father’s arms. Although they escaped being killed by the Infected, Joel was unable to save his daughter from being killed by a normal man, establishing the true horror of this story.

1. Joel kills the Fireflies

Joel holds a rifle in The Last of Us.

When Joel and Ellie finally arrive at the Fireflies’ base in Salt Lake City, the former is shocked to learn that they plan to create a cure for Cordyceps by taking a piece of Ellie’s brain in a lethal process, all without telling her what it would happen. to her. But instead of letting the Fireflies do the surgery and possibly save the world, Joel kills almost everyone in the building, including Marlene, to save Ellie.

This moment has long been debated by many fans, but whether you think Joel did the right thing or not, you have to admit that he was wrong to brutally murder these people, including a Firefly who lowered his gun.

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