The 10 best white noise apps for iPhone in 2023

Music seems to be the only thing that frees us from earthly sorrow. Even during sleep, some of us prefer to listen to music.

Today, hundreds of music streaming apps provide you with high-quality music to listen to. However, what if you want something that can help you fall asleep faster than music?

If you have trouble falling asleep or can’t concentrate on your work, the best option is to listen to White Noise.

Many white noise apps available for iPhone can help you sleep faster and better. Another benefit of it White Noise Applications is that they have music that can help you concentrate better.

What is White Noise?

You can take White Noise as music that can stimulate your brain. Basically, white noise contains all frequencies at equal volume and can mask loud sounds.

White Noise apps are recommended for those experiencing sleep difficulties and disorders such as insomnia.

There are white noise machines on the market that help you sleep better at night, but many iPhone apps can produce the same noise, but it is recommended that you use headphones to listen to these sounds.

List of 10 Best White Noise Apps for iPhone

Below, we have listed some of the best white noise apps for iphone which are free to download and available for iPhone. Let’s start.

1. White Noise Lite

White Noise Lite is a free white noise app for iPhone that can help you beat insomnia. The app brings several white noises and each noise is designed to help you sleep, relax and reduce stress, increase focus, soothe headaches, etc.

Some of the key features of White Noise Lite include 50+ perfectly selected sounds, background audio support, audio mixer for mixing noises, and advanced controls for volume, balance, pitch, etc.

Apart from White Noises, the app also brings several sleep sounds. You will find sounds of air conditioners, airplanes, Amazon jungle, beach waves, wind, blue noise, thunder storm, etc.

2. White noise

White noise

White Noise Lite and White Noise are created by the same app developer. We have listed an advanced version of White Noise Lite above.

Since both apps come from the same developer, you can expect similar features. The sound catalog is almost the same where you get sound for Airplanes, Air Conditioners, Amazon Jungle, Crickets, Heavy Rain, Heartbeat etc.

Like White Noise Lite, White Noise also lets you mix sounds to create a unique one. If you buy the full version, you can access 50+ free sounds, alarm sounds and other features.

The latest version of White Noise also features a Sleep Log feature that tracks your sleep habits and listening stats. You can check the sleep log for more details about your sleep habits and listening statistics.

3. White Noise Deep Sleep Sleep Sounds

White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds

White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds is an app with a wide range of sleep sounds. This app could be very helpful to those who have trouble sleeping or have sleep disorders like insomnia.

The app has relaxing nature sounds, meditation, ASMR, lullabies, etc. You get brown, white and pink noise with white noise deep sleep sounds.

Like any other sleep sound app for iphone, White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds also allows you to mix multiple sounds to create a unique combination. You can also use it to create a pleasant and zen meditation environment.

4. SimplyNoise


SimplyNoise is for those looking for ways to relax their minds after a long day.

According to the Apple App Store, SimplyNoise’s color noises are used worldwide in schools, workplaces and clinics for relaxation, focus and better sleep.

It brings you some carefully selected white, brown and pink noises. You can mix these three categories of noise to create a unique combination.

The app is free to download, but most features are locked behind a paywall. Therefore, to get the most out of the app, you need to purchase a subscription.

5. Sleeping pillow

Sleeping pillow

Sleep Pillow is less popular than other apps on the list, but it’s still one of the best sleep sound apps for iPhone that you can use today.

The application is already featured on many popular online portals, bringing carefully selected relaxing sounds in high quality.

The sleep sounds available in the app can help create a relaxing environment and gently ease you into a cyclical sleep pattern.

This app also has other useful features like sleep timer with slow turn off, alarm clock, nature images, etc.

6. White Noise Deep Sleep Sleep Sounds

White noise deep sleep sounds 1

With White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds, you can now say goodbye to all those sleepless nights and stress throughout the day. The app brings a unique collection of soothing and relaxing sounds that can help you relax and sleep well.

The app’s white noise and deep sleep sounds can block out unwanted noises and help you feel calm, relaxed and soothing.

Not only White Noise but also brings a variety of sounds in categories like sleep, meditation, lullaby, classical, relaxing, ASMR etc.

7. Soothing sleep sounds

Soothing sleep sounds

Soothing Sleep Sounds has been the favorite app for millions of iPhone users to fall asleep faster. It is a sleep sound app that allows you to focus, relax and calm your mind.

At the time of writing, Soothing Sleep Sounds brings sleep sounds from 10 different categories. All the sounds available in the app are of high quality and can increase your ability to focus and sleep better.

You get 25 natural sounds recorded worldwide, a sleep timer, white noise, pink noise and brown noise.

The app also provides an audio mixer that allows you to create mixed mixes of 6 different sounds.

8. Calmness


Calm is probably the best sleep and meditation app on the list. This is a top rated app for iPhone that has been downloaded millions of times.

You can use this app to discover bedtime stories, sleep sounds, meditation music and more. The app also provides you with guided meditations.

If we talk about the sleep sounds, you have several options, but you have to buy the premium version of the app to unlock them all.

So if you are looking for an app that helps you become healthier and adopt healthy habits, Calm is the app to install.

9. Better sleep


BetterSleep, formerly called Relax Melodies, is an app that brings you sleep sounds. At the time of writing, BetterSleep gives you access to over 300 sleep sounds and music tracks.

You will find nature sounds, ASMR, White noise, Water, Isochronous brainwaves, Binaural beats, healing music and more. In addition to sleep sounds, BetterSleep also brings a sleep tracker, sleep recorder, amazing stories and guided meditations.

The only downside to BetterSleep is that most useful features are locked behind a paywall. There are many in-app purchases in the app and the items are quite expensive.

10. Sleepa


Sleepa is not a very popular app, but it is still one of the best white noise apps for iphone that you can use today. The app is easy to use and designed to help you sleep faster and better.

Sleepa’s sound library is free to access, bringing you more sleep sounds than any other app. Apart from White, Pink and Brown noise, you also get rain sounds, nature sounds, binaural beats and more.

Sleepa’s functionality and user interface deserve a special mention because it’s clean and soothing on the eyes. You also have a home screen widget for faster access to your sleep sounds.

So, these are some of the best white noise apps for iPhone that you can download and use. Let us know if you want to add your favorite white noise app in the comments below. Also, if the article helped you, be sure to share it with your friends.

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