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How to download watchOS 10 beta on your Apple Watch

This week Apple unveiled the latest major versions of its operating system at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), including iOS 17 for the iPhone and watchOS 10 for the Apple Watch. This year’s big software update for Apple’s popular smartwatch brings a fresh new design to the user interface for the first time in… Read More »

15-inch MacBook Air vs. 14-inch MacBook Pro

Apple has introduced a brand new member to its MacBook line, a larger MacBook Air model with a 15.3-inch display that uses the same M2 core processor as the latest MacBook Air 13. The idea is clearly to provide a larger laptop that retains the incredible thinness and lightness of the MacBook Air, but with… Read More »

Here are 5 GPUs you should buy instead of the RTX 4060 Ti

Let’s not get it out of the way – Nvidia’s recent RTX 4060 Ti isn’t one of the best graphics cards out there right now. It doesn’t even come close. However, it’s the second cheapest graphics card of this generation, and for Nvidia, it’s the most affordable by far. Because of this, you might be… Read More »