Stroll was ‘protecting’ his injured wrist during Bahrain GP practice

On-board TV footage showed the Aston Martin driver resting his right hand at times and concentrating on using his left to push the top of the steering wheel into the tight right-hander at Turn 1.

He was also seen using the help of his mechanics to get out of the car during the second practice session.

Stroll missed last week’s three days of testing in Bahrain while recovering from injury.

Part of his recovery program was a stint in the team’s Silverstone simulator – with the power steering dialed in to properly test his fitness – which may also have given him a chance to practice the technique he used in the real car today.

It could be compared to the Monaco hairpin, where drivers traditionally focus on the right hand at the top of the steering wheel, or the way Robert Kubica had to drive after returning from his rally accident after injuring his wrist and hand of.

Replays of footage from Stroll’s car coincided with radio chatter that appeared to suggest he was struggling to turn the wheel when his mechanic Ben Michell tried to coach him on a line that would improve his overall pace in Turns 1 and 2 .

Michel told him, “Lance we need to compromise 1 and have a better line for 2. So compromise 1 with 2.”

Stroll replied, “I can’t, I can’t, with my hands,” to which Michel said, “Yeah, copy that.”

Lance Stroll, Aston Martin F1 Team

Photo: Zak Mauger / Motorsport Images

A little later, and after a discussion about the pitwall, Michell said, “Lance, Turn 1, if we slow the car down more, you should be able to steer the car less. That’s what the other car is doing. So slow it down more.” car, steer less and prioritize the exit.”

An Aston Martin source said there was a misunderstanding between the pair in the initial conversation and that the team waited until after the session to fully clarify rather than continue the discussion publicly.

Asked if he had doubts about being able to complete a race distance on Sunday because of the wrist, he was adamant he would be fine.

“No, I was just protecting it,” the Canadian said. “I feel a little more comfortable. So I feel like I can definitely drive the car.

“Feeling good. A little stiff, but overall it was okay in the car today.”

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Apart from any compromises on his wrist, Stroll had to spend Friday summoning himself to the track and getting to grips with the AMR23 after missing the test, in which team-mate Fernando Alonso completed 270 laps, more than he would did if Stroll. he was present.

Despite his lack of running, Stroll still finished FP2 in sixth place, 0.543 seconds clear of Alonso, who topped the times.

On the progress the team has made since last season, Stroll said: “Unbelievable, it looks amazing. I just feel great in the car too, so really top job.”

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