pavilion house in a small Greek village creates a dynamic solid-void relationship

Hive architects introduce a pavilion house into rural Greece

Between an olive grove and a vineyard in the small Greek Kalogeriko village, The Hive architects designed a permeable residential project which creates a strong bond with nature. The project is treated as a platform, hence its name, ‘Pavilion House’, extending horizontally in simple lines and clear forms. The resulting composition meets the requirements of a modern family, while at the same time bringing its residents closer to nature.

In the middle of an 11-acre field, the architectural intervention extends as a structure at ground level with austere linear geometric notches creating visual escapes that frame the surrounding landscape and the sky above. Floor-to-ceiling openings, skylights and circular openings pierce its body, ensuring a constant dialogue with nature, allowing daylight to permeate the interior spaces.

all images by The Hive Architects

two opposite but complementary volumes

The design team tried to shape a modern living space that can offer openness and privacy, introducing an ideal atmosphere to host many indoor and outdoor activities. The main volume is divided by an understandable axis that delimits the common areas and the sleeping areas. The southern zone includes the living room, open-plan kitchen and dining room, making the most of natural light. This is also enhanced through the skylights in the roof.

A monolithic, compact volume contrasts with the breathable main house, wedged on its southern side at a lower level. Encased in local stonework, the outbuilding functions completely independently, housing a workspace and guest house with separate entrances and toilets.

the pavilion house in Greece creates a dynamic solid-void relationship
soft linear geometries characterize the enclosure

The architects chose natural materials to create a harmonious balance between the building and the natural environment. The material expression is shaped by the vernacular architecture described by the walls in white and earth tones, stone cladding and tiled roofs. Thus, white plaster and exposed stonework dominate the facades, while exposed concrete highlights the central walls and roof slab. The interiors are finished with wooden accents that exude a subtle modern character.

An intricate grid (claustra) marks the entrance to the building and acts as a visual filter between the kitchen and the outside space. Meanwhile, an outdoor swimming pool next to a living room and barbecue complete this luxury residence, creating a perfect place for the family to spend time together.

the pavilion house in Greece creates a dynamic solid-void relationship
circular notches interrupt the exposed concrete roof slab

the pavilion house in Greece creates a dynamic solid-void relationship
claustra mark the entrance of the building and filter the sunlight

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