How to fix the “Something went wrong” error on Twitter

Twitter is a great site for socializing and connecting with like-minded people. recently, it introduced many new features. While Twitter is feature-rich, the platform needs to focus on one segment: stability.

Twitter often faces server outages and many other issues. When the site has problems, it may show you, “Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later” error message.

The error message can appear out of nowhere and interrupt your Twitter experience. You may see this when trying to check retweets, comments, etc. It can also appear when sharing a Tweet.

So, if you are an active Twitter user and you are frustrated with the ‘Ouch! Something went wrong. Please try again later’ error message, continue reading the article. Below, we have discussed all possible reasons and steps to resolve the error.

Because “Something went wrong. Try again later’ appears on Twitter?

The “Something went wrong” error. message can appear for various reasons on Twitter. Below are some key reasons for the error message.

  • Your internet is down or unstable.
  • Use of VPN or Proxy Services.
  • Twitter is experiencing a server outage.
  • Corrupted web browser or app cache.
  • Incorrect Twitter app installation data

Fix Twitter “Something went wrong” error message

Since the actual problem is unknown, we have to rely on basic troubleshooting tips to fix “Something went wrong” on Twitter. Here’s what you can do.

1. Check if the Internet is working

If you’re trying to check the comments of a particular Tweet but keep getting the “Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later’ error message. you need to check your internet connection.

Since Twitter is a social networking platform, it cannot function without an active internet connection. Chances are that your internet connection is unstable and therefore Twitter cannot load the comment or tweet you want to see.

So before you try other methods, make sure you check if your internet is working. You can also switch between cellular and WiFi networks. If the Internet is working, but you still see the same error, follow the following methods.

2. Hard refresh of the website

Hard refresh of the website

If the “Oops, something went wrong. Try again later” error only appears in your browser. you can try hard to refresh the webpage.

Hard refresh will clear the cache of a particular website and rebuild the cache data. If the problem is the cache, hard refreshing the webpage can fix it.

To hard refresh the Twitter webpage in Chrome for desktop, tap it CTRL+F5 key on your keyboard. For Firefox, tap it Shift + F5 key. And for Microsoft Edge, tap it CTRL+Shift+F5 key.

If you’re having the problem on your Mac, tap it Command + Shift + R chrome and firefox browser hard refresh key.

3. Check if Twitter servers are down

Twitter servers are down

If your internet is working and you’ve hard refreshed the webpage, the next best thing to do is check for a Twitter server outage.

When Twitter servers are down worldwide, you will face problems while using most of the features. In addition, you will not be able to reply to your tweets, check media files, videos not playing and other problems.

The “Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later. The error message appears when the Twitter servers are down. You can check it Twitter server status Page on downdetector to confirm if Twitter servers are up.

If the servers are down for everyone, there’s nothing you can do. The only option is to wait patiently until the servers are restored.

4. Clear the Twitter app cache

The “Oops, something went wrong” error message is more prominent on a mobile Twitter app than on the web version. You can try clearing the app’s cache if you see the error while using the Twitter mobile app. Here’s how to clear the cache of the Twitter app.

1. First of all, tap and hold the Twitter Android app and select ‘Application information‘.

2. On the App Info screen, select “Storage usage‘.

Storage usage

3. On the Storage Usage screen, tap Clear cache button.

Clear cache

This is! This will clear the cache of the Twitter app. On iOS, you need to uninstall the Twitter app and reinstall it from the Apple App Store.

5. Disable VPN/Proxy Services

You are using a VPN/Proxy

When you use VPN or Proxy services, the Twitter app tries to connect to a different server away from your actual location.

The problem here is that this process lengthens the connection time and creates a lot of problems. When the VPN/proxy server fails to connect to the Twitter servers, “Oops, something went wrong”. Please try again later. The error message appears.

So if nothing has solved the error yet and you are using a VPN/Proxy service, disable it and check. Many users have claimed to fix the “Something went wrong” error on Twitter by simply disabling the VPN/Proxy app.

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These are probably the best and most effective ways to fix “Something went wrong. Please try again later’ Twitter error. Let us know if you need more help solving Twitter errors in the comments. Also, if the article helped you, please share it with your friends.

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