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Can Christie Succeed as ‘Trump Slayer’? New Jersey has thoughts.

Chris Christie left office in New Jersey with incredible popularity ratings. His 2016 presidential campaign was a short-lived failure. He has a reputation as a bully and is perhaps best known for an infamous political retribution scheme called Bridgegate. But as Mr. Christie, a two-term governor and former federal prosecutor, prepares to enter the Republican… Read More »

Opinion | Even people with good jobs are exploited

Last month, in an interview about Warner Bros.’ streaming earnings. business and love for work”. As the sixth week of the strike begins, the writers’ persistence reveals a harsher truth: Love, unfortunately, doesn’t pay the bills. The conclusion that love is an appropriate basis for job security, workplace protection, or fair pay is a common… Read More »

Can technology solve the MTA’s persistent tax evasion problem?

For years, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority relied on mostly the same approach to prevent people from sneaking onto New York City subways without paying. As passengers enter, police officers stand by turnstiles and ticket those who jump them. But even after a dramatic increase in enforcement, the transit system lost $690 million to tax evasion… Read More »

Muzz, a Muslim dating app, is hosting an event for singles in Brooklyn

On Thursday afternoon in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, about 250 Muslims gathered at a halal Italian restaurant for a singles dating event. Some of them avoided the cameras, citing privacy concerns, while others said they were afraid of appearing “desperate”. The event was hosted by Muzz, a London-based Muslim dating app with eight million users worldwide,… Read More »