SpaceX’s Starlink and other satellite Internet providers make light pollution worse for astronomers

SpaceX’s Starlink and other satellite Internet providers make light pollution worse for astronomers

The rapid rise of Internet satellites, the formation of megaconstellations and the accumulation of space junk have already begun to interfere with astronomers’ research. The problem is growing exponentially, scientists warn in a series of papers recently published in the journal Astronomy of Nature. And they want regulators to do something about it. The fleet … Read more

Victim harassment by ransom gangs is on the rise

Harassment reported by Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 typically takes the form of phone calls and emails directed at employees, C-suite executives and even customers. Image: PR Image Factory/Adobe Stock Ransomware teams are failing to hit their attempts to force compromised organizations to pay up. A report released Tuesday by Unit 42, a threat intelligence … Read more

How to use Bing Image Creator to create AI images for free

Bing search took a huge leap in popularity and gained new chat capabilities when Microsoft added OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology with the new Bing Chat tab. Now. Another mode is available with Bing Image Creator, which turns your written description into an image. According to Microsoft’s blog post, Bing Image Creator uses a more advanced version … Read more

Here’s the full breakdown of newly discovered genetic data on the origins of COVID

Zoom in / Security guards stand in front of the closed Huanan seafood wholesale market in Wuhan city, Hubei province, on January 11, 2020, where the Wuhan health commission said the man who died of respiratory disease had bought goods. A team of independent international researchers has released their full analysis of newly disclosed metagenomic … Read more

How to Fix ChatGPT Body Stream Error (8 Methods)

ChatGPT is the first step towards the AI ‚Äč‚Äčrevolution we’ve always wanted. Over the years, we believed that artificial intelligence will come and help us in various fields, and now the beliefs are becoming reality. ChatGPT is a large language model and part of an ongoing AI revolution. AI is not as bad as you … Read more

Google defends automatic chat deletion after US claims it destroyed data

Getty Images | alliance image Google has defended its use of “history-free conversations” for many internal communications, denying the US government’s claim that it deliberately destroyed evidence needed in an antitrust case. The disable history setting causes messages to be automatically deleted within 24 hours. The US government and 21 states last month asked a … Read more

Top 6 Compensation Management Software Picks for 2023

Discover the top six compensation management software to help you with employee salaries, bonuses and other related expenses in 2023. We’ve reviewed the latest tools to help you make the best choice for your business. Businesses can benefit from claims management software, whether large or small, international or local. Compensation management software can be useful … Read more