BMW CE 04 Vagabund Moto Concept for Gen-Z has storage space to carry a surfboard

The Graz-based car design bikers at Vagabund Moto prefer BMW bikes as their starting point. The custom BMW R nineT and custom BMW R100R created by them got a lot of attention from BMW Motorrad designers.

As a result, the custom shop’s efforts over the years finally culminated in a collaboration with the exclusive motorcycle brand BMW, for a multi-functional two-wheeler based on the BMW CE 4 electric scooter.

Designer: Vagabund Moto and BMW Motorrad

What we see here is a multifunctional and stylish e-scooter for urban commuting taking into account the individual needs of users. Dubbed the BMW CE 04 Vagabund Moto Concept, the all-electric scooter combines refreshing design, functional elements and vibrant color schemes to appeal to young riders who crave a sporty aesthetic on their electric scooters. There is plenty of storage space to meet the needs of every user, and for surfers, there is a dedicated surfboard with a built-in carrying system.

According to Paul Brauchart, founder and CEO of Vagabund Moto, the vision behind the creation is to focus on function while maintaining the overall look. As he passionately puts it, the overall design draws synergy between “functionality and aesthetics” to suit a wide variety of uses in everyday life. The color scheme highlighted by beige and dark green on contrasting black and white has been seen by both camps.

There’s a smiley emoji on the front wheel hub and glass on the indicator lights. Interestingly, with the surfboard loaded on the scooter, it looks like part of the bike when viewed from the side profile. According to BMW, the quirky addition is a “metaphor for a sustainable urban lifestyle.”

Apart from these changes to the CE 04 standard, the e-scooter has essentially the same technical specifications. The electric motor delivers a maximum power of 31 KW (42 hp) to launch it to a respectable top speed of 50 mph in just 2.6 seconds. The BMW CE 04 Vagabund Moto Concept will have a range of approximately 130 km on a single full charge. The charging time of 65 minutes to deplete the electric battery from 0% to 80 percent and the time can be significantly reduced with the optional fast charger.

The creation for now is a pure concept intended for design and aesthetic inspirations in future BMW Motorrad creations. Whether a production version of the BMW CE 04 Vagabund Moto Concept will make it is unclear now.

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