auba studio transforms a 1980s bakery into a comfortable, light-filled home

balancing natural lighting, privacy and landscape

Located on the ground floor in one of the densest neighborhoods of Palma, Spainthe NZ10 apartment it is one converted bakery since the 1980s. Auba Studio pioneered the renovation by delicately balancing natural lighting, privacy and ‘nature’ to create a comfortable haven within the bustling city.

First, the team reclaimed the backyard, reimagining it as a spacious patio where the tile footprint of the exterior wall is preserved as an acoustic cushion and texture for the potted plants. In addition, auba studio opened up the wall that originally separated the back, the old kitchen, from the front, creating light continuity between the two ends. Completing this “extension” are two stained glass windows that are placed from wall to wall, one at the front and one at the back facing the atrium. Meanwhile, a newly added 2m wide terrace, made up of wood and glazing, extends towards the terrace.

new space with wooden beams & glazing to maximize daylight | all images © Jose Hevia

As for privacy, Auba Studio club attempted to soften the contrast between the NZ10 flat and the street by introducing an intermediate space. ‘In this way, the interior of the house leads directly through the stained glass to this “batiport”, which is protected from the outside view by a system of inclined steel slats. A system strongly inspired by the solutions made in places like Barcelona by the Cru studio,’ writes the practice.

nz10 from an old bakery to a house 6
The windows can be completely moved to open the entire living room to the patio

The third pillar of this renovation focuses on nature indoors through a refreshing interior landscape. ‘A linear planter is created on the patio with a continuous bench visible from anywhere inside. A larger flower bed houses a tree and a technical area. This landscape is maximized due to the great indoor-outdoor relationship cultivated throughout the house. This achieves a feeling of spaciousness, since the yards, front and back, are visually part of the interior of the house, continues the group.

nz10 from an old bakery to a house 7
creating a warm place in the bed area

new distribution carried out with fir wood

Programmatically, Auba Studio proposed a new spatial distribution thanks to a linear piece of fir wood furniture placed perpendicular to the atrium to allow light to flow between the exterior and the facade, all while dividing the house into two areas: the living room space and bedrooms.

In the day area, we have a living room-dining room-kitchen. The kitchen is centered on a stainless steel island and is supported by the main cabinet. In the night area, we have two bedrooms, one main with a bathroom and a utility room. Between the two rooms, are the bathroom areas. All the new actions are made with elements of spruce wood so that the new interventions are clear while providing the warmth that a space with little light needs,’ completes the studio.

nz10 from an old bakery to a 10 house
using a set of wooden cabinets as a space divider

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