Artist Bear Walker takes on Pokémon – ‘it’s a crazy time to be a creator’

Everyone finds their way to art in different ways, for Bear Walker it was the culmination of many of his “accidental passions”. By this he means his love of skateboarding, pop art and culture and his training as a carpenter. Walker, you see, makes collectible skateboards, handcrafted and good enough to hang on gallery walls as well as sanding rails. This is very modern pop art for a modern audience.

Today Walker is famous for making artistic skateboards, carved out of wood before being spray-painted, carved, etched and burned, depending on the designs. As we speak, behind the artist is a wall of his skateboard designs, one designed with tactile fish scales and another retro Spider-Man. There’s a long tradition in skateboard art, and we’ve highlighted some of our favorite skateboard graphics in the past, but Walker’s boards is his art.

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