Android Auto is finally getting a customizable home screen

Android Auto is a great platform that helps bridge the gap between a driver’s phone and their car’s control center, and now it’s getting even better.

The latest Android Auto beta update adds an exciting amount of customization to the interface’s visual elements. Now, instead of the usual fixed layout that users are used to, the widgets are interchangeable and can be customized to better suit a driver’s needs.


This means that if a driver wants the navigation menu to be on the right side as opposed to its usual left configuration (as seen in the photo above), they can do so. Similarly, the music player and other widgets can be switched from one side to the other with just a few taps. Overall, the change is completely welcome and makes Android Auto an even better resource to rely on while driving.

Changing the Android Auto layout is, thankfully, very simple and can be done either on your Android smartphone or on the Android Auto screen in your car. To change the screen configuration on the Android Auto screen, select the app’s screen icon (the nine dots forming a square) in the lower-left corner. Then open it Settings application and select Change layout. In the layout menu, you can choose which widgets you want to be closest to the driver, media widgets, or navigation widgets.

While the update isn’t huge, it’s an oft-requested quality-of-life change that makes the Android experience much more customizable and convenient. It’s worth noting that you won’t have the option to customize your widget placements if you’re not an Android Auto beta tester. Hopefully the feature will come to all Android Auto users soon, as it already seems like a very welcome change. If you want to make sure your device and car will have the feature once it becomes publicly available, make sure you have automatic updates enabled.

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