3 inappropriate campaigns for International Women’s Day

Ah, International Women’s Day, the day when all businesses close their gender pay gap, childcare becomes free and women everywhere take the day off. Oh no. Patience. It’s the day when brands and businesses make empty gestures pretending to care about #equality and men around the world complain that they don’t have an International Men’s Day (they do, it’s in November).

Over the years, we’ve seen some truly terrible branding failures from those trying to empower and promote their love for women while usually selling something. Here are three completely wild examples, plus another that’s not so bad, but still seems like a mistake.

01. Jackie the Ripper

“Today is the day murderous women get the recognition they rightfully deserve” (Image credit: London Dungeon)

Last year, London Dungeon decided to do something that absolutely no one expected. He renamed the serial killer Jack the Ripper Jackie the Ripper and decided that the killer would be played by a female actor rather than a male actor. A tweet from iVisitLondon (opens in new tab) she said: “Today is the day female killers get the recognition they deserve, in the @London Dungeon for one day only Jack the Ripper has been called Jack the Ripper.”

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