15+ Best Wood Burning Fonts (Easy and Unique Picks) 2023

Looking for the best wood burning fonts? Below we list the best fonts for wood burning.

Using different fonts for different creative projects makes them personalized and unique. They also help make your designs stand out. For example, if you want to add a natural or organic touch to your designs or are into pyrography, you will need the best wood burning fonts for the same.

Wood Burning fonts add a wooden touch to designs and give an outdoor feel. Apart from that, they are also versatile. Thus, they can be used for various design concepts such as camping, adventure, industrial, modern, classic, etc. However, your font style and specific needs will determine which font is ideal for your designs.

Now you can collect some of the best Wood Burning fonts according to your specific design needs. This article contains a list of the 15 best Wood Burning fonts that you can consider for your upcoming projects.

15+ Best Wood Burning Fonts

  1. Branden Casual font
  2. Garcedo Display Serif font
  3. Vengeance font family
  4. Brotherton Vintage font
  5. Modern Balmond typeface
  6. Textured Lumbero Wood font
  7. Duskey Font Family
  8. Magnita Serif font
  9. Austina Script font
  10. Galatia Script font
  11. Pacifica
  12. Bronela – Trendy Serif font
  13. Bondie font
  14. Rogshine Brush font
  15. Distant Neighbors

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15 Best Timber Fonts

1. Branden Casual font

Branden Font - Casual Sans Serif

Branden is a modern font family with a simple Sans Serif style. The letters look simple and slightly square, so it’s suitable for woodburning beginners. You will get many links, multilingual accents and PUA coded characters to use in your designs. It is available in four styles and comes in OTF and TTF formats.

2. Garcedo Display Serif font

Garcedo Display Serif font

Garcedo is a handmade serif typeface with a Victorian writing style. The font includes modern and classic typography and some alternatives to let you play. With multiple connections and alternatives, this font is a great choice for any design. It works on windows and mac without any hassle.

3. Brotherton Vintage font


Brotherton is a vintage sans serif typeface in regular and outline styles. Because of the simple letters, this font is easy to use for Wood Burning projects. It is also ideal for titles, websites, games, apps, posters, clothing designs, etc.

4. Modern Balmond typeface

Balmond Modern Ligature Sans Serif

Balmond is a modern sans serif font with simple and clean letters. It looks visually appealing and is suitable for a wide range of projects. You can use it for logos, headlines, titles, magazines and other projects.

5. Vengeance font family

Vengeance Sans Serif font family

Vengeance is a beautiful sans serif font with basic glyphs. The font is available in 7 weights which you can try in your different projects. It is ideal for various purposes such as magazines, logos, quotes, advertisements, invitations, branding, packaging, etc. You can try both upper and lower case letters to improve your designs.

6. Textured Lumbero Wood font

Lumbero - Wood Textured Sans

Lumbero is a playful and elegant sans serif typeface that can take any project to the next level. It is the best choice for product packaging, product design, stationery, social media posts, etc. The unique font has multilingual support and allows you to use it in Wood Burning projects effectively.

You can use this font in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Microsoft Word. PUA-encoded characters allow you to access all features without additional software.

7. Duskey Font Family

Duskey Font Family

Duskey is a vintage font family with a modern look. This font is quite versatile and can be used for a wide range of projects. It will make your designs more unique and attractive. This font can be used for craft designs, brand identity, book titles, wedding designs, vintage designs, etc.

You can also try the four styles of this font to make your projects look unique. This font file contains PUA-encoded characters, multilingual accents, and standard connections to enhance your designs.

8. Magnita Serif font

Magnita serif font

For intermediate Wood Burning designers, the Magnita serif font is a great choice. It is ideal for magazines, movie titles, packaging, posters, titles, etc. It is an uppercase font and is available in TTF and OTF formats.

9. Austina Script font

Austina Script

Austina is a modern and elegant script font that comes in a hand drawn calligraphy style. It has decorative characters and looks beautiful in any design. You can use this font for business cards, posters, branding, quotes, greeting cards, etc.

With 530 glyphs, the font gives you multiple possibilities to create amazing designs. This font is a great choice for Wood Burning designs. It comes with many OpenType features that you can access in different drawing programs.

10. Galatia Script font

Galatea Scenario

Galatia is an elegant script font with over 444 glyphs. It also includes stylistic sets, stylistic alternatives, contextual alternatives and swashes that allow you to create impressive designs. This Wood Burning font will give you many options to create great artwork.

11. Pacifica


Pacifica is a handwritten bold typeface suitable for various decorative designs. It is inspired by retro American brand typography. This font is available in different styles and is a great choice for logos, signs, prints, headers, etc. It is available in OTF and TTF formats and is compatible with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Inkscape.

12. Bronela – Trendy Serif font

Bronela – Modern Serif

Bronela is a beautiful serif typeface that offers a luxurious feel. This font is inspired by classic text font and modern typography trends. It’s versatile and comes in regular and bold styles. There are many connections and alternate characters that you can use to create the designs you desire.

13. Bondie font

Bondie Font – Condensed Slab Serif

Bondie is an elegant slab serif typeface that comes in a variety of styles. This font has a compact and compact feel and is perfect for branding, posters, logos, greeting cards, branding, blogs, quotes, etc. You can also use it for DIY projects, book titles, vintage designs, craft designs and more. You will get this font in OTF and TTF formats.

14. Rogshine Brush font

Rogshine Brush font

Rogshine is a stunning textured brush font available in OTF format. This font has a modern and natural handmade feel that adds a stunning look to any Wood Burning project. It is suitable for logo design, book titles, invitations, clothing, stationery designs, branding, etc. The font supports multiple languages ​​for seamless usability.

15. Distant Neighbors

Distant Neighbors

Distant Neighbors is a single line font with many alternates and ligatures. This font is perfect for retro as well as modern designs. The letters have rough shapes that provide a unique look. It is ideal for logos, posters, covers, branding and other projects. The package contains upper and lower case letters, numbers, punctuation and encoded PUA characters.


1. What are Wood Burning Fonts?

Wood Burning fonts are the fonts used for Wood Burning projects. They have a unique look and help create personalized works of art. Wood Burning fonts are available in different styles and you can use them in your projects depending on your specific needs.

2. What are Wood Burning fonts used for?

Wood Burning fonts are versatile and ideal for a wide range of projects. In addition to Wood Burning projects, you can use these fonts for logos, posters, magazines, headlines, titles, wedding designs, invitations, etc.

3. What is the best Wood Burning font?

Wood Burning fonts are available in a wide range of options so you can choose the right font for your needs. There are different Wood Burning fonts available for beginners, intermediate and professional designers. For example, Vengeance is the best choice for beginner designs. However, professional designers can use calligraphy fonts such as the Galatia Script font.

4. Where can I find the best Wood Burning fonts?

You can download Wood Burning fonts online from different websites. Some of the popular sites to download Wood Burning fonts are Envato Elements, Designcuts, Creative Market and MyFonts. Once you visit these sites, you can search for Wood Burning fonts using the search box.

Roundup of 15+ Best Wood Burning Fonts

Now you have a list of the best Wood Burning fonts from which you can decide which one is right for your designs. You can choose the best Wood Burning fonts when you need them in your designs. You can choose fonts from this article or from the websites mentioned above.

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