10 unique Women’s Day gifts to achieve work-life balance

Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide to mark the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and accelerate gender equality. But even today, the primary responsibility of managing the home and family rests with the woman. For a woman balancing work and housework, the whole ordeal can be exhausting — it’s a constant struggle, especially if you work from home.

It’s time to #BreakTheBias! Especially when women do so much more – whether it’s an overburdened mom, an athlete who trains during her stressful menstrual cycle, a successful professional who constantly reminds her biological clock, or a pregnant woman who clocks 12+ hours a day . As a result, women are often emotionally and physically exhausted. These factors silently affect mental health and stability, causing fatigue and slow exhaustion. The right work-life balance can only be achieved if one can meet work deadlines and have some personal time for friends and family, sleep well and eat right without worrying about work pressure.
We have a specially curated collection of Women’s Day gifts that aim to maximize productivity with an organized workplace, encouraging one to prioritize self-care and de-stress. Women need to find the perfect balance between their work and personal life as women are the real architects of society.

1. Get organized

Be sure to get organized to save time before you start organizing anything else! Now you don’t have to remember where you kept your stuff. Crafted from warm beech wood and durable aluminum, this stylish and functional quick access organizer is a perfect way to keep your desk and shelves tidy. The organizer’s magnetic swivel mechanism creates room for plenty of storage space. The lid also doubles as a tray and there is plenty of room to store your keys, glasses, wallet and other EDC tools.

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2. Effortlessly Permanent Letter Cutter

Paper cutter

Enjoy the process of opening your letters with the effortless upright letter cutter. All you need to do is simply slide an envelope onto its sleek metal bar and cut an opening to pop out that letter. It makes a slit on one side of the envelope so that pieces of paper don’t have to be thrown away. Plus, it doubles as a stylish paper or desk accessory when not in use.

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3. Celebrate creativity

There is a creative solution to every problem! The pen’s gravity-defying design is a great way to improve your productivity and mentally reduce work pressure. This pen uses magnets to create a magical experience that delights the mind and eyes. It works as both a writing tool and a fidget toy. The futuristic design of the hover pen offers an intimate tactile feel that allows you to write, write or draw. Then, when you take a turn on its dock, you’ll see its hypnotic motion, giving your brain a much-needed break and allowing your creative juices to flow.

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4. Create a to-do list

With effective planning and strategy, one can easily take off the mental and physical burden. Stay organized at work so you can manage your time effectively. The traditional task log route allows one to set goals and complete the most important tasks. Create a specific time frame to schedule tasks and there is a strict line between work time and family time.

Perfect for everyday to-do lists, the whiteboard notebook combines the power of magnets with the freedom of a whiteboard-like experience. Designed as an innovative analog notebook for the digital age, it is made with a unique material that makes it possible to erase pen marks on it and reuse a page. The pages are magnetically attached and can be removed and rearranged accordingly. The best part is that the removable pages can be stuck to magnetic surfaces like refrigerator doors. Additionally, its anti-glare properties make it easy to take photos of the pages.

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5. Enjoy reading hands-free

Want to multitask while reading? This bookmarklet will help you keep your book open. Its clear acrylic resin surface allows uninterrupted reading without touching the book. It also allows for multitasking so one can keep their hands busy with something else. The curved profile of the book-shaped cardboard keeps books open naturally without damaging their spine. It also protects the pages from accidental smudges or spills.

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6. Office Accessories

Limit your distractions with a simple and well-organized space. Perfect for a desk or home office, these leather desk accessories, including a desk pad, square pencil cup, paper holder and letter tray, help you achieve a tidy workspace. Note that there is a steady workflow when you find your supplies and working papers easily. Additionally, decluttering is an important component of staying organized and maximizes productivity.

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7. Destress

Stay as positive as you can, aromatherapy is a natural remedy for stress relief and sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is relax. The stress-free aroma diffuser allows one to inhale the scents of essential oils to promote good health and well-being and regulate emotions. This essential oil diffuser creates a gentle breeze that allows the fragrance to spread evenly and slowly. Its minimalist appearance and rechargeable battery will allow you to place the diffuser anywhere and its porcelain filter is easy to clean. Look for essential oils like lavender, lemongrass, jasmine, and sweet orange that have anti-anxiety properties and promote good sleep.

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8. Cut the clutter

It is difficult to achieve focus in a cluttered environment, as clutter causes stress and hinders productivity. Create a clutter-free desk without handling a bunch of extension cords or cable cords. The wireless charger can be carried wherever you go, which is a perfect way to keep your battery charged.

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9. Music for the soul

Prioritize me time and rejuvenate your spirit. Good music can potentially reduce stress and anxiety and improve focus. According to studies, fast music makes you alert and enhances concentration, while slow music releases all the stress of the day. In addition, it evokes feelings that effectively relax the mind and help deal with everyday stress.

The sleek CD player breaks the mold with a minimalist art device reminiscent of old-school vinyl records. Its simple, boxy shape resembles a picture frame where the CD player can appear as album art in music apps. The best part is that when hung on the walls, the device transforms into an interesting decoration. But, of course, other activities like reading, music and yoga can also help you fight back.

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10. Jewelry organizer

Be kind to yourself and look your best because only a happy woman can create a happy family. Treat yourself to beautiful, practical jewelry and protect your treasures in this fine leather roll. The jewelry organizer roll is an organizational necessity for holding rings and earrings, tangle-free necklace storage, and is an ideal travel accessory due to its compact size.

So, this International Women’s Day, empower yourself and commit to creating that work-life balance, getting well-rested, de-stressing, and living a healthy life. It will protect your health and well-being, make you happier and stronger in the long run.

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