The deflationary law could be undone by the many social goals attached.

The critical nature of the energy transition (or not) Ted Sanderson (with the author) Many climate change activists have argued that climate change is an imminent existential threat and that drastic change is urgently needed. A sample of excerpts (links at end of story): · “It’s overflowing with too much carbon. The world can’t absorb… Read More »

This season, the men of ‘Abbott Elementary’ find their depth

From the start, ABC’s hit series “Abbott Elementary,” about teachers at an underfunded public school in Philadelphia, has been adept at sneaking in sharp social commentary between laughs while turning its female cast members into favorites. That season two only added richness by solidifying the bonds between Abbott’s two male teachers, Gregory (Tyler James Williams)… Read More »

These predators had a face like an ax and will haunt your nightmares

REGISTER: Apple | Spotify This is Episode Four of a four-part Fascination Really big birds. You can listen to the first episode here. The second episode here. and Episode Three here. Flora Lichtman: I don’t want to ruffle any feathers, but that’s the best way to describe scarecrows. Federico Degrange: Scarecrows are amazing. [Music] There… Read More »

The 10 best furniture designs for your living room

A beautiful piece of furniture can complete a room. It can be the final piece that makes a space come full circle, building a comfortable and cohesive haven, rather than a haphazard area. Furniture makes or breaks a home, it adds to the essence or soul of a home, so you need to be extremely… Read More »

Crypto companies start looking abroad as the US crumbles

The wave of government enforcement against cryptocurrency companies is starting to reshape the industry. Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange in the United States, has opened an operation in Bermuda. Gemini, a rival company based in New York, is seeking a license in the United Arab Emirates. And Bittrex, an exchange in Seattle, has shut down… Read More »

17 Chef Approved Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a cook, we’ve got you covered. Although these are foodie-friendly finds, these gifts are for people in the kitchen who are passionate about what they do—someone who works long hours with simple tools in restaurant kitchens. Here are some… Read More »

Can we rely on it in an age of climate change?

Credit: Public Domain Pixabay/CC0 The first national study to assess the impact of artificial snow shows the pressure the process puts on the climate, with the annual energy equivalent to nearly 17,000 homes needed to make snow for annual skiing activities in Canada alone. Publishing their findings in the journal Current Tourism Issuesexperts from the… Read More »